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Coaching a Winning Team is available as a digital audiobook from Audible.com. The title, provided by Stanford Audio and authored by Tara VanDerveer (Director and Head Coach, Women's Basketball, Stanford University), has also become an American Consumer News favorite..

The digital audiobook Coaching a Winning Team, narrated by , has received an average rating of 2.62 stars on Audible.com. The title has a running length of 50 min. The audiobook was first released in December 1999 and a sample is available for download.

Audible.com's description of the audiobook is "Whether it be in basketball or in business, the key to building a successful team is to strengthen individual qualities and focus the team on a single goal. Tara VanDerveer, Director and Head Coach of Stanford's women's basketball team, has had a near-perfect record of 224 wins to 33 losses over the past 8 years and has led her team to 2 NCAA championships. In this speech, the candid and engaging storyteller shares the coaching methods that have helped her team triumph, as well as the pitfalls to avoid. Using honesty and positive reinforcement as the cornerstone of her process, VanDerveer explains how to maintain unity, stay focused on a goal, and build a winning team."

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